The Automatic Olla Watering System For Your Garden

That use 61% less water and gives you healthier plants & bigger harvests.

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What Customers Are Saying:

I LOVE my Thirsty Earth watering system! I’ve had a raised bed garden for a bit now and always felt like my plants were struggling with too much or too little water. Once I installed my Cotta Cups it became super easy to have a glorious garden and lots of yummy salads!

"We did carrots and the yield was good. Less water used. The system is good because it's less hectic, time saving and it is easy to use."

At Umdoni, Eswatini Africa we’ve done companion planting with the Thirsty Earth ollas. We find that the vegetables are growing well and very healthy. We refill the 5 gallon bucket about every 2 weeks. We’ve shown this technique to a lot of people who take tours with us, both locally and internationally. All those people expresses a lot of interest in the system.

Alex Hammer Utah, USA
James Chauluka Malawi, Africa
William Mtsetfwa Umdoni, Eswatini, Africa