Water is essential to life.

We're here to help you save water (and the planet).

We also love everything to do with gardening, composting, self-sufficiency, homesteading, chickens, rain catchment, etc.

There's an insane amount of compounding, world-wide issues that are and will probably continue to impact our food supply. Inflation, maga droughts, rives drying up, fuel prices, fertilizer shortages, food shortages, etc.Signs of the time say: Grow a garden, use less water.


Let's help ease climate change

We are a team of people who care about our planet. We're a small crew of gardeners, homesteaders, and survivalists.

It's time to take control back of our food and the soil it's grown in, for better health, and a healthier plant, for our kid's future.


Will you join us?

Join our community and get all the latest info and best products for saving water, growing food, permaculture, food forests, and being self-sufficient.