The Best Automatic Olla Watering System for Your Garden

The Best Automatic Olla Watering System for Your Garden

Tired of having to water your garden everyday?

If so, it's time to start using a new olla automatic garden watering system from Thirsty Earth that combines modern drip irrigation technology with 4,000 year old ancient olla tech.

The Thirsty Earth watering systems allow your plants to get all the water they need without having to worry about over or under watering your plants. This system is also great if you don't want to waste any water while getting bigger harvests.


What are Olla Cotta Cups?

Olla cotta cups are a type of terracotta that are used to collect and store water in the soil. You can place ollas directly into the ground or in raised beds and they will immediately begin to water your garden by allowing water to slowly seep out. Ollas are great for gardening in arid climates, as well as for container gardening because they allow you to keep your plants well-watered at all times.

They are a great alternative to watering your plants with a hose, sprinkler or other methods because they don't disturb the soil around your plants. There's also nearly NO water lost to evaporation because the water is in the soil which means you'll need MUCH less water overall to keep your garden alive and well.

Benefits of Using Ollas

Olla cotta cups are a great way to water your plants without the worry of over or under watering them. They can be used for growing vegetables and herbs, and are perfect for small containers or large gardens. Ollas are also a great option for beginners who are just getting started with container gardening.

How to Use Olla Cotta Cups

Just bury your olla cotta cups in the ground, set up your tubing, hook it all up to a 5 gallon bucket, hose, drip line, barrel or sprinkler head and you're all set.

If you're hand filling a 5 gallon bucket to fill your olla cotta cups, watering frequency depends on the temperature. For example a 12'x15' row garden in Africa uses a total of 5 gallons of water every two weeks! The Thirsty Earth olla watering system is so effective at watering your plants perfectly, without wasting a drop.

The Self-Watering System For Your Garden That Lets You Go On Vacation

We all know that if you don't keep up with watering your plants and they start to dry out. This can be especially problematic if you're away on vacation for a week or two. The Thirsty Earth watering system ensures your plants get watered even when you are away from home!

Thirsty Earth offers the most cost-effective option for those who want to try the Olla system out. The Thirsty Earth Watering System is the most efficient garden watering system available by using Cotta Cups (terracotta ollas) that automatically water your garden.

This revolutionary new garden watering system combines ancient terracotta olla technology with modern tech, using 61% less water and gives you healthier plants. It also uses 61% less water than drip line systems and about 80% less water than hand watering.

It’s easy to install, and a set and forget watering system, so go in vacation worry free that your plants will be given the exact amount of water they need without wasting water to evaporation.

For more information on how ollas work or to buy some for yourself, check out the Thirsty Earth olla watering system here!