VIDEO: Olla vs Drip System – How the Thirsty Earth Olla Garden Watering System helps increase your harvest

Thirsty Earth Olla Watering System

Drip Systems vs Hand Watering vs Ollas

Watch as Eric explains how Thirsty Earth ollas work vs drip systems and hand watering your garden.

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Video Transcription:

Thirsty Earth ollas create what we call a water plume. It's the circle of moist soil, really more of a partial sphere around them, where very, very small amounts of water basically just hangs out and is available to the plant roots as they need. 

Drip creates a column where when once the soil is saturated, basically anything else that comes out is overflow down into the groundwater and you're wasting water while that's happening. 

The water is oversaturating the soil and roots momentarily, so your plant is basically momentarily drowning and then it dries out and gets really parched and really parched until it basically drowns again. And that's really stressful for the plant and pretty much every watering system out there works like that. 

Ours, allowing the plant to choose how much water it needs and having that constantly available, eliminates that stress and all the energy tied up into it can instead go into growth and larger harvest so you get happier, healthier plants.