Why You Need a Water Reservoir With an Automatic Olla Garden Watering System

Water reservoir bucket6

This is the ultimate guide on why all automatic olla watering systems need a reservoir.

What is the purpose of the reservoir in an automatic olla watering system?

The Thirsty Earth Olla watering system requires constant low pressure (0.5 psi) vs. the high-pressure conventional watering systems use (40 psi), like drip systems, sprinklers, and even hand watering with a hose. 

This ultra-low pressure is one way the Thirsty Earth olla garden watering system uses dramatically less water, all while giving your plants exactly the amount of water they need. Instead of wasting water by giving your plants too much water, 1-4 times a day, our system always gives your plants the precise amount of water they need 24/7. 

Our reservoir bucket is the only way to maintain this constant ultra-low pressure from our gravity-fed system. The best part is these reservoir buckets come with all of our kits, so you don't need to worry about DIYing with parts from home depot or our website.

If needed, you can also get these reservoir buckets individually HERE

Why is a reservoir required for an automatic olla watering system?

Our reservoir must achieve constant .05 psi pressure to your olla cotta cups because if not, the olla cotta cups only put out 25% of the water they are supposed to. Which, in turn, is not enough for your plants to survive.

There are two types of reservoirs for our Thirsty Earth Automatic Olla watering system. We carry a 5-gallon manual fill and a 2.5-gallon auto-fill reservoir. With the manual fill reservoir (depending on how many cups it's connected to) you will only need to fill it once a week. 

The auto-fill reservoir automatically fills either by connecting it to a single drip line, hose, or to your sprinkler system.

Having a water reservoir is the only way to have SUPER low water usage while growing ULTRA healthy plants.


A reservoir is included in every Thirsty Earth Automatic Olla watering system kit.

Every Thirsty Earth Automatic Olla Watering System must use a reservoir.

A reservoir makes it possible for the Thirsty Earth ollas to give your plants the PERFECT amount of water.