Install Instructions: Compost bin or pile watering system

 Tools you'll need:

  • Gloves (recommended but not required)
  • Something to cut 1/4" tubing with: heavy duty scissors, pruning shears, combination pliers etc.
  • Trowel - hand shovel
  • Spade

Compost Kit Install Instructions:

  • Bury the olla cotta cups into the compost up to their rim in a square shape.
  • Put your bucket reservoir in the center of the square.
  • Use a 3" length of 1/4" tubing to plumb from the bucket reservoir to the included shut off.
  • From the shut off plumb to each cup in a continuous row. The first 3 cups will take a 1/4 push-to-connect tee on top and the 4th and final cup will take a 1/4 push-to-connect elbow to end the row.
  • Fill your 5 gallon bucket reservoir with water and air purge the system by removing each of the bleed screws then replacing them one by one as water spurts out the bleed hole. This ensures that your cups are full of water and not air and will function properly.
  • Your system is now set and ready to go.
  • You can either hand-fill your bucket reservoir weekly or connect the bucket to a rain barrel, drip line, hose, or sprinkler head using the included adapter fittings.

For more in depth details on how to fill your compost bins, watch the video below: