Thirsty Earth CottaCup - 1 Cup | Self-Watering Olla For Your Garden

The drought-friendly, self watering system for your garden that uses 61% less water & gives you healthier plants.

This revolutionary new watering system combines ancient technology with modern tech, using 61% less water than the average drip line system, while giving you healthier plants. Save money on your water bill & have happier plants. This new watering system a win/win/win for you, your plants, and the planet.

The bells & whistles:

  • No more over or under watering. Your plants get the exact amount of water they need, no waste.
  • It’s a set and forget watering system, so go on vacation!
  • No more wasting water to evaporation.
  • No more struggling plants in the heat of the summer or leaf rot from over watering.
  • Super easy installation. The Thirsty Earth system works with your existing drip line system, rain catchment system, gravity fed system,  hose, or sprinkler system.

How it works:

The Thirsty Earth watering system uses ancient olla technology and combines it with your modern watering system.All you do is bury your cotta cups in the soil, set up your hosing, and your plant’s roots will call for the water it needs.The porous terracotta lets water seep through the cotta cups, slowly watering your plant’s roots.

Your plants get water when it needs, where it needs – at the roots. Which means plants get 100% of the water they need, with 60% less water lost to evaporation, that traditional drip lines waste.

And if you’re currently hand watering or sprinkler watering, you’ll save 80% or more, by switching to the Thirsty Earth watering system.This system is far superior to other watering systems, giving you extremely low water usage and ultra healthy plants, at the same time.


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